It’s Been Fun

I may not post to Tumblr anymore. I’ve had this blog for four years, 10,700 posts, 27,600+ followers and growing. But Tumblr keeps threatening to take it down—delete my entire blog—claiming that it’s violating their ever evolving and arbitrarily enforced “community guidelines.” I will not delete my blog, so if it gets removed, know that Tumblr did it and did so without my consent.

Tumblr’s policies have become increasingly unwieldy since Yahoo bought them. Though the site has a video posting feature, they delete videos as soon as I create a draft, which is why I haven’t posted any new ones in a year. They’ve deleted videos I posted years ago for no reason. They delete photos from my blog that are posted on literally dozens of other blogs.

As long as Tumblr keeps threatening to delete my blog, I’m not going to continue to spend the time and effort it takes me to post new content. I’ve tried to use my blog as a homage to the artists that create content I enjoy, giving the artists the credit they deserve and sharing their creations with you all. Since Tumblr doesn’t respect this effort, and instead of supporting it actively thwarts it, I’ll take my efforts elsewhere.

It’s been fun. Thanks for following, I hope you’ve enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy until its demise at Tumblr’s hands.

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"Sisters: Vac Bed" featuring Berlin and Madison Young (video)


Here are the vac-bed gifs I used in this story. You can view the original video at Gwen Media. xoxoxoxox

"Sisters: Vac Bed" featuring Berlin and Madison Young (video)

Blondes in Bondage" featuring Penny Pax, Sarah Jane Ceylon, and Cyd Black

Sex Addict" featuring Isis Love, Sasha Grey, and Savannah Stern (pics and clips)

"Train" featuring 1017

Zoey Kush (pics, clip, video)

Whitney Prescott

Andrea Neal

Andrea Neal

"Grab and Bind: Jenni Czech" featuring Jenni Czech


Katee Owen

"Helpless, Naked Bondage Girls!" featuring Alexis Taylor


Alexis stripped & bound

Phoenix Askani" featuring Phoenix Askani and Claire Adams (pics and clips)

"Make it Hard" featuring Amber Michaels and Anastasia Pierce

"Train" featuring 1017